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North Mesa NFL Approved Youth Flag Football

Player Safety

Prime Time Athletics takes the health and safety of all of our participants very seriously.  That is why we require all of our coaches and referees complete a Heads Up concussion training program before taking the field.  This program helps all of us recognize the symptoms of a concussion and ways to prevent additional harm if an injury does occur.

Mandatory:  All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must complete the CDC Heads Up Online training course located here.

The name of the course is Concussion in Sports – v2.0.  It is a free course and will help you identify and manage concussion symptoms.

At the end of the course you will be asked to print out a certificate of completion.  Please print that certificate and email it to  noting the age group and league (City, State or Field Location) that you participate.

This certificate must be completed prior to any practices with your team.  Your team will not be allowed to play any games until all coaches have completed and submitted their certificates of completion.

*Recommended:*  All parents should go to the Centers for Disease Control website located for information on prevention and treatment of concussions.

This will help you recognize the symptoms of a concussion as well as learn valuable information on the prevention of more serious repeat injuries.